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Phisio Therapy

Physio Therapy is an allied Health Profession concerned with assessement, diagnostic and treatment of disease and disability through physical means. It is based upon principle of medical science and it is held to be within the sphere of convention medicine. It is a dynamic profession, which uses the range of treatment technique to restore the movement and function within oneself. The main aim of Physio Therapy is rehabilitating a special need is to identify the child ability and disability, to set unique profile and to help early development.

Roll Of Physio Therapy
  • Positioning, thus helping the child to achieve better position
  • To improve range of monitor
  • To increase the muscle power
  • To Prevent deformity
  • To reduce contracture
  • To strengthen the weak muscle
  • To improve Co-Ordination
  • To give orthotic appliances according to their needs
  • To correct posture
  • To improve gait pattern through proper gait training

YOGA Therapy

  • One Yoga Therapist handling the children with various yoga techniques
  • Improve the physical functions
  • Control the body weight
  • Develop the speech level
  • Improve the cognitive abilities like concentration, attention & patience
  • Providing good blood circulation in child’s body
  • Decrease the hyper activity

Music & Dance Therapy

  • Music Therapy can be an integral component in helping the child with special needs attain educational goals indentified by his/her IEP team
  • Music Therapy intervention can address development in cognitive, behavioral physical, emotion and social skills. Music Therapy can also facilities development in communications and sensory-motor skills
  • Music Therapy involvement can stimulate attention and increase motivation to participate more in other aspects of the educational setting
  • Music Therapy is the structured use of music experience to facilitate positive changes in human behaviour