Manasa Special School
MANASA is a Non-Profitable Voluntary Organization Institution to cater the needs of the Mentally Retarded individual with limitations in their cognitive and physical disabilities in the group of 2 to 40 yrs. Manasa was established in June 1998 at madhuravoyal in rented place. At the time we started we had 2 children only. It has today grown to a family of 95 children. In May 2007 the School was shifted to its new premises with all the necessary infractstructure.

Manasa school for the special children take care of Mentally Challenged, Cerebral Palsy (Spastic), Autism and Multiple disabilities.

Aim Of Manasa

  • To indentify the disability as early as possible
  • To provide the necessary corrective and rehabilitative training and aids
  • To develop the potential skills and abilities to the fullest possible to prepare them to integrate and main stream
  • Manasa aims to provide an entire range of following services that will take these special children from the stage of being dependant on others for the most basic needs to a stage where he or she can function as a literate, confident , independent member of the community capable of earning a livelihood
  • Provides standardized Special Education according to their student interest, ability and skill level
  • Early Intervention to below 5 yrs Special children
  • Rehabilitating the Special children through group physio therapy
  • To provide Speech Therapy to needy children
  • Separate unit for pre-vocational and vocational
  • Occupational Therapy to develop motor skills
  • Play and Music Therapy given by Professionals
  • Good Nutritious food with hygienic residential facilities
  • Help the children to get appliances for mobility
  • Concentrates on Extra curricular activities like Sports, Arts & Crafts, Yoga, Computer Skills, Vocal & Instrumental Music.etc.
  • Qualified trained and experienced teachers
  • Attention to children with good care
  • Transport facilities pickup & drop Special Children
  • Medical & First Aid services is provided