Extend Your Love

It is my immense pleasure and privalage to present on appeal for a nobel cause. Manasa is special school with rehabilitation group of professionals consisting special educator, social worker, physio therapist, speech therapist, occupational therapist to improve the education, motor skills, social language, cognition and vocational development.

Manasa has natural home for special children nearly 50 inmates. Warden, Care giver, Assistance, Ayas, Cooks to take care of the special children. We provide colourful uniform. Required drugs and nutritious food. Manasa is struggling more to fulfill the above mentioned activities. So we need your kind support to run these godly special children home.

  • Set of uniforms
  • Monthly Provisions & Rice
  • Monthly Cosmetics
  • Monthly Medicines
  • Weekly Vegetables
  • Plastic Chairs
  • Teaching Toys
  • Playing Equipments
  • Old Things

“Thousands of candles can be Lighted from a single candle And the life of the candle Will not be shortened Happiness never decreases By being shared!”

Manasa School for the special children is an institution solely dedicated for rehabilitation of the different abled in these Special children and beliefs in saying

“Disability Needs Encouragement and Not Sympathy”
You may also sponsor a poor Mentally Challenged child for its day-to-day expenditure.
You may also take part in their noble venture by sponsoring food on any auspicious occasions such as Birthday, Weeding Day & Ceremonies.